This elective will give you the opportunity to learn new skills to retain material that you get from your core classes. There will be time to finish school work that you may not have time to finish in class, reducing any chance of homework. The class will lead you in the right direction in your studies and allow the opportunity to learn new methods to better your education. There may be a component of learning some strategies on the computer to enhance your assignments as well.



  Students will practice art forms from different cultures. Students will sketch, paint and create three-dimensionalobjects. Students will also learn to identify and        appreciate a variety of art forms and use some artistic terminology. Fee is $20.00 to help cover supplies.



The focus of this elective will promote skill development as well as the mental aspects of the sport of baseball. Indoor and outdoor training will be provided in the following areas: throwing/catching fundamentals, hitting mechanics (including the use of wiffle balls, tees, soft toss drills), base running, fielding, bunting and pitching. As well, we hope to use the new batting cages in Dunmore to help develop student’s batting skills. This elective is for anyone who owns a baseball glove and is interested in baseball, and is open for all skill levels.



This unique elective reinforces a higher level of development in basketball. The major focus will involve skills and drills with emphasis on team play and concepts. There is a $5.00 charge for this elective to help replenish equipment.



Students will learn games that stretch their thinking. Games will be challenging yet FUN to learn. Games and activities include Sudoku, Chess, Word Puzzles, Jeopardy, Card Games and much, much more. Some will involve Computer’s as well. Students will finish the course creating their OWN Board Game! Fee is $5.00 for this course for certain supplies



Learn about aerodynamics, propulsion and scale. You will design and build a Co2 car as well as a rocket. You will also build a model of your choice.





(CSE 1010, INF 1030) - In Digital Video, you'll use a variety of web based software to create music, videos, and presentations . In groups you will direct music videos and short films in the Mac lab. We will use flip cameras and digital cameras for our editing assignments. We will also touch on some aspects of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.




Students are introduced to basic dance steps to develop coordination. During the semester, students will participate in different dance activities including "Just Dance" and will be taught steps and movements that will strengthen skills. Extra practice, outside of school, will be a result closer to the time of the performance.



COM 1015, 1035, 1055) - Students will explore the techniques and applications of acquiring and manipulating digital photos using a variety of programs. This course has no fee, but students must be able to provide their own digital camera to use. Many student photos will be used for next year’s yearbook.





Students will practice and prepare props for a one act play. This play will be performed for friends and family here at the school and a 15 minute segment of it will be performed at the Esplanade in May. After the two performances students will participate in a variety of activities such as improvisation, role play and dramatic expression.




This term in Cosmetology students will be completing modules and hands on activities related to personal grooming, hairstyling, manicures, facials and skin care. Students will learn some basic hair design skills as well will receive and give facials and manicures. The cost of this elective is $10 which includes the cost of supplies needed.



  This term in Foods students will be learning safety procedures for the kitchen, utensils to use and basic measurement. Students will also make a wide array of   desserts and basic meals throughout this elective. Students will be working in groups to make all recipes but there should be enough between all students to bring a   sample home for parents to try. The cost of this elective is $15 to cover the cost of food and supplies.




Golf Elective will start with sports nutrition and dry land training. When Riverview Golf Club opens we will be using the driving range and Golf Course regularly. Students in this elective MUST purchase a Golf Membership and will golf a round each day the course is offered




Students will be provided with the opportunity to practice and utilize skills in skating, power skating, shooting, stick handling, offensive and defensive modes of play, sportsmanship and conditioning. All skills and scrimmages will be NON-CONTACT. Students must supply their own equipment for every class until the end of March. There is no charge for this elective if you were registered in term #1, otherwise the cost is $60.00.




Students at Parkside School will learn and develop leadership qualities and characteristics through the use of multi-media. Students will examine leadership styles through the use of movies. By examining key characters and concrete models of behaviors by these characters will learn critic leadership/character skills as they develop into leaders at Parkside School and in our community. We will challenge ourselves by taking on roles as leaders at school and in the community. We will take a close look at digital citizenship and create commercials displaying appropriate use.



This class is for students who enjoy physical activity. The class is based on participation in a wide varietyof low-organizational games (LOG). High energy, fast paced elective. Team Building will also help develop a greater sense of collaboration and trust between team members. The fee for this course is $10.00. Fitness elective will be focusing on cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, flexibility, muscle strength, body composition as well as the 5 components of personal fitness.



Using acoustic/ electric instruments and percussion, students can acquire a basic knowledge of music. This will include learning to read different types of musical notation including TAB and chord charts. A $20.00 fee is charged to cover the cost of guitar strings and picks. Guitars are provided for all students. Drums will be used for select students depending on interest and skill level.



The Outdoor Ed/Rec Ed elective promises to be an exciting and enjoyable time. Through a variety of recreational experiences, the students will learn valuable life and decision making skills. The course will be "hands on" in nature. Participant must be willing to get their hands dirty as well as be open to working with others in group situations. The course may include the following activities as can be arranged and planned: Curling, Skating, Archery, Orienteering, Skiing, First Aid, Canoeing, Hiking, Snowshoeing, X- Country Skiing, Wall Climbing, Survival skills. There will be a $35.00 fee to cover some facility and bus costs. Ie.(bus rental and equipment rental for X Country Skiing day in Elkwater.)