This Week at Parkside (Feb. 23-27) |

This Week at Parkside (Feb. 23-27)

Welcome back to all staff and students! The week prior to the break saw many exciting events at Parkside.

Dreams gave a great presentation on "Mindfulness" to the grade sevens and eights.

On February 13 the Spirit student council organized Valentine's Day activities, such as "A Minute 2 Win It", with many prizes for students. The day ended with all the Python basketball teams taking on the teachers in some adrenaline rushing games. Big thanks to Ms. Bongaards from Margaret Wooding for coming out to play and bringing her class with to cheer!

The February 13-14 weekend also saw the end of the basketball season for boys and girls with a tournament at Crescent Heights. Coaches would like to thank the players for a fantastic season full of hard work and dedication.

As to upcoming events, Parkside would like to encourage all staff and students to wear pink on February 25 for Anti-Bullying Day. Allison Frey will be in the library at lunch making Rafiki bracelets and rings.

On February 26 students will attend Eagle Butte High School's production of "Tarzan the Musical" at the Esplanade. Show starts at 10:30am and ends at 1pm. Students will be bussed to and from the production. Also this day is the second Ski Trip. Reminder that regular classes will be held for students who don't participate.

And finally the badminton season is up and running! Check the Parkside website for general information and schedules.

Thank you.