Training Centre Proposal: Understanding the Full Story |

Training Centre Proposal: Understanding the Full Story


On September 18, 2018, Prairie Rose School Division executives along with Willie Desjardins from the South Alberta Hockey Academy presented a proposal to Cypress County Council outlining plans for a community training/ hockey arena facility in Dunmore.  The facility would be constructed next door to Eagle Butte High School and serve multiple purposes including community centre and traning facility for the hockey academy.  

Read the full proposal here:  Training Centre Facility Proposal to Cypress County

Since the presentation, we’ve had a number of questions from our staff, parents and communities about the proposal; specifically regarding cost and how a Dunmore facility will help students in other areas of the division. It’s important that everyone understands the facts and the boards’ rationale for pursuing a $10-million endeavour. We’ve put together a short video outlining the costs, how funding is allocated in Alberta and how an arena can benefit all students in Prairie Rose.

Watch the video to learn more:  Dunmore Arena Proposal: Understanding the Full Story